Smelly Diapers


So Small, Yet So Smelly!

How can something so small and so cute make such an awful smell? Diaper smells, whether from number one or number two … or both, can make life a little miserable, especially if they sit around for a while.

One of our Founders friends are having babies that are growing a little older and getting to the age where they are starting to eat solids, so it is funny to hear the trials and tribulations. “Payback time”, our Founder likes to say. While they do have to deal with some of the same excruciating things that we did, like crying, screaming, sleeplessness and more, one thing they don’t have to worry about is diaper smells.

With Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate, a simple spray on the ‘number one’ and ‘number two’ quickly stops the odours in its tracks. In fact, it stops it right at the source so when you have to leave the ‘present’ in the bin for a while, the smell won’t come back!


Of critical importance is how safe Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate is to use around loved ones! The natural ingredients and the neutrality of the solution makes it the perfect product to use around sensitive skin.

We started Xtreme Eco for one very powerful reason.  We want our children, and our children’s children to have long and healthy lives.  Our focus from day one has been to ensure we are the solution and not the problem.  We strive to make sure our formulas are extremely safe for our children, our friends and our earth.  We’ve developed a sprayer technology that reduces plastic usage.  We have also developed strategic partnerships with retailers, couriers, packagers and suppliers that have the same care for our children and our planet.

Safe and Powerful

We are as equally focused on power as we are on safety.  We know people need strong solutions to their everyday problems.  Our products, including Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate started as industrial products, meeting some of the biggest challenges and solving some of the biggest problems.  Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate, specifically, is used in poultry houses, pig barns, manure piles, landfills, rendering plants and so much more.  Many of our clients didn’t realize we were all natural and safe, they were just happy we could solve their problems.

Be sure to try it on your tough smells.