Garbage Smell


Our Team was called in to help save a landfill site a number of years ago.  The unbearable smell from the waste was too much for the city to handle and if they didn’t solve the odour problem, there would be no choice but to close it.  The formulation that saved that landfill is the same formulation we use in Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate.

When a garbage smells, it is usually from some kind of organic waste such as discarded meats or vegetables, soiled diapers or even plant cuttings to name a few sources.  It really becomes painfully obvious when it gets hot.  The hotter it gets, the more active certain microbes get.  Ever drive past your local dump on a hot sunny day?

The smell that comes from the rotting organic waste comes from two sources.  It either comes from the microbes (bacteria, yeasts or molds) that love to feast on the decaying matter, or it comes from the decaying matter itself.   When certain bacteria strains dive into the amino acids of decomposing meat, they’ll produce smells that may remind you of rotting eggs or a regrettable ‘passing of the gas’.  They also love to munch on the fermenting liquids that come from the breakdown of the cellular walls in plants and vegetables.

We have refined and developed our natural solution to not only aggressively defeat the odour causing microbes, but to also eliminate the smells from the wasting matter itself, both right at the source.  If it can work to save a municipal landfill, just think what it can do for your garbage smells.

Try it to get rid of your tough odours.