Grease Remover

grease remover

The beautiful thing about all purpose cleaners are their versatility.  In essence any all purpose cleaner is a mild to moderate grease remover.  It has to be somewhat sensitive to the potential surface that it might be used on, so for most mainstream makers of all purpose cleaners, making it too strong will likely do some damage.  Our goal, when developing our All Purpose Cleaner was to create a cleaner that was powerful enough to remove grease from an engine, yet safe enough to use on almost all surfaces, around kids and around pets.  When we set out to make a natural and powerful all purpose cleaner we took our industrial experience and started there.

The formulation our biochemists developed for the oil and gas industry in Alberta has proven to be a valuable starting point for the Xtreme Multi Purpose Cleaner Concentrate.  Typical grease removers act as surfactants that separate oil molecules from surfaces and allow them to float in the water.  Ours actually consumes the molecules and keeps them from building up in our water resources.  It was also developed to ensure it not only protected the earth, but also help nurture it.

We like to reference one of our Founder’s Labrador Retrievers frequently, because she tends to make the most messes.  So when we finally nailed down our All Purpose Cleaner formula, she provided a great test.  As a puppy who likes butter and occasionally counter surfs, she managed to flip the butter dish off our Founder’s counter.  Some landed on her and some on our wooden floor.  Not only did the Xtreme Multi Purpose Cleaner Concentrate get the butter out of her hair, it also pulled out all the greasy butter that went into the pores of the wood.  And yes, we’ve also used it on our car engine.