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Our Story

Xtreme Eco was launched as a partnership between the founder of an environmental solutions provider, delivering innovative and eco friendly products formulated using naturally occurring and sustainable sources, and Bill Waters, who has been involved in the cleaning world for over 25 years.

Collectively, Xtreme Eco’s founders  have been solving environmental challenges for over 50 years involving industrial, commercial and household applications.

Bill identified a need in the consumer market for powerful natural safe and effective cleaning products and came across this environmental solutions provider, who has.been supplying environmentally friendly products to solve tough to handle messes for industrial and commercial clients, for over 8 years.

Formulations tough enough for industrial applications but packaged for household usage and safe to be used around children, pets and our environment.

Xtreme Eco is dedicated and committed to providing powerful, safe and sustainable solutions for a healthier and happier world with respect, integrity and reliability.

Xtreme Eco was launched to:

  • Solve the need for powerful and effective environmentally friendly products as many of the ‘green’ products currently available for consumers are not very effective
  • Provide products that are safe for consumers to use as the level of toxins being used in mainstream cleaning products is alarming
  • Offer consumers a chance to practice environmental consciousness and reduce their carbon footprint and reduce plastic waste, as the amount of plastic being used in the household cleaning market is staggering

Our Commitment:

Xtreme Eco is committed to:

  • Developing and modifying proven industrial formulations for the consumer market in coordination with a trusted environmental solutions provider
  • Being authentic and true to our work and visible to the cause
  • Inventing and developing the world’s first sprayer with interchangeable concentrated formulas which will reduce plastic usage by over 90%
  • Providing safe and powerful solutions that align with the NOSB (National Organics Standards Board)

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Solving environmental challenges for industrial, commercial and household applications for over 50 years.
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