What Makes Us Unique

Powerful - Safe - Sustainable

Xtreme Eco is changing the world of cleaning with our incredibly powerful and natural cleaning formulations which reduce the use of plastic in the cleaning world by over 90%.

We have proven that green products are powerful and effective. Our products are formulated using ingredients derived from naturally occurring and sustainable sources and are consistent with organic principals and the National List of Allowed Substances.

Our products are powerful, safe and eco friendly and are not harmful to animals, plants or humans.

The Xtreme Eco Advantage


Incredibly powerful and natural cleaning formulas


Cutting the use of plastic in the cleaning world by over 90%


Coming Soon: New one bottle cleaning system


Ideal for industrial applications including:

  • Food processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Pulp and paper
  • Landfills


Safe to be used in applications involving humans, children and pets

  • No toxic chemicals
  • Natural ingredients

Sustainable Ingredients

Scientifically created Earth friendly products made from naturally occurring ingredients and sustainable sources.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Where possible, packaging is made from recycled plastic
  • Where possible, product packaging is designed to be recyclable

Reduce Plastic Waste

  • Concentrated formula reduces packaging
  • Where possible, packaging is made from recycled plastic
  • Products are designed to be in packages that are recyclable
  • Pouch design uses 70% of the plastic in bottles

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

  • Concentrated formulas reduce production volume, requires less space and energy to transport and compact design reduces storage requirements
  • This reduces energy, waste and emissions in production, transportation and storage.

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