It’s that chalky buildup that slowly grows inside your kettles, inside your pipes, on your taps and anywhere hard water is available.  Limescale consists of Calcium Carbonate and can be extremely hard to remove.  While there are many solutions available on the market, most are hard on your metal surfaces, not to mention your skin, and none are as effective as Xtreme Scale and Scum Remover Concentrate.

The really cool think about Xtreme Scale and Scum Remover Concentrate is that it is NOT an acid!  The totally biodegradable formulation was developed by our biochemists using completely natural organic elements and made to be entirely pH neutral.  It will not pit, streak or blacken metals.

One of our associates moved into an old apartment in a city that is notorious for it’s hard water.  There was limescale over every faucet and even clogging a well used shower pipe.  If it weren’t so hard to get an apartment, he might have passed on it.  Fortunately he had some Xtreme Scale and Scum Remover Concentrate, and within in a few hours, that apartment was limescale free.

Funny side note, in the mad dash to get this apartment clean, he inadvertently sprayed our limescale remover in his face.  Not that we recommend doing this, but he was completely fine.  Hate to see what would happen if he had the mainstream stuff.