Rust Remover


Natural Rust Remover


Rust, otherwise known as iron oxide, is the result of iron mixing with water and oxygen for a long period of time.  We mostly see it in our cars, sadly, sometimes leaving itself nicely embedded in our driveways.  Or we see it in our pots and pans that contain iron alloys, making for some unsavoury cooking surfaces.  Most commercially available rust removers are acids that contain toxins that dissolve the rust.  Not Xtreme Scale and Scum Remover Concentrate.  It uses naturally occurring organic elements that do the same thing…..but better, faster and safer.

Rust Remover for Cars

On one of our Founder’s driveways, he has what they affectionately call their ‘beater car’.  Now with every ‘beater car’, the issue of rust removal for cars is a sensitive one.  While they wanted to get rid of the rust, they didn’t want to create further damage to the metal, so they were a little concerned.  That is, until our Xtreme Eco biochemists developed our natural rust remover.  They sprayed the solution on the metal part on the rear quarter panel and it immediately dissolved the rust without hurting the metal.

While getting the rust off the car was nice, the concrete driveway was another concern.  Or so they thought.  They sprayed the Xtreme Scale and Scum Remover Concentrate on the rust stain on the concrete and let it sit for awhile.  They then sprayed it off with the hose and the concrete was as good as new!