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Standing Ovation for Stand Up Pouches

By December 9, 2019No Comments

Have you noticed the plethora of consumer goods packaged in pouches these days?

My first sighting of the plastic pouch was at the grocery store. Our favourite brand of yogurt now comes in a flexible pouch. After doing a bit of research on Stand Up Pouches, I am now wondering why the switch wasn’t made a while ago? Turns out plastic pouches are good for our pocketbooks, the environment and more! Which is why Xtreme Eco decided to launch our collection of powerful, safe and sustainable products in a stand up pouch.

Read more about the advantages of stand up pouches:

1. Cost Reduction in Materials

Stand up pouches are considered flexible packaging. Using flexible packaging translates to reducing your cost of materials.
“Rigid packaging costs three to six times more per unit than flexible packaging. Printed folding cartons cost around twice as much as flexible packaging.” Emmerson Packaging

2. Cost Savings in Transportation & Warehousing

Generally, flexible pouches are more compact than rigid packaging and you can ship five to ten times more units per truck. Generally flexible pouches are also lighter than rigid packaging, meaning the fuel cost per truck is lower

3. Cost Savings in Warehousing

Since flexible packaging takes up less space than rigid packaging, you can store more of your product in less space and/or reduce the size of the warehouse you require for storage. Also the lighter size means it takes less time and labour to move product.

4. Sustainability

“Stand up pouches are better for the environment. Flexible packaging in general uses fewer materials and less energy and water to make, and fewer volatile organic compounds are produced as a result. In addition to cost savings, their lighter weight and more compact size save on fuel emissions during transportation. Any non-recyclable materials used take up less space in landfills than their rigid counterparts. Stand-up pouches can also be recyclable.” Emmerson Packaging

5. Eco-friendly

Stand Up Pouches can be made from recycled materials.
Stand-up pouches are also recyclable, reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills and helping to keep our environment neat and clean.

6. More room for you!

Here we are talking about how Stand Up Pouches take up less space in the warehouse on our end, but for you, it means more room under your sink and less clutter.