Sweat Smells


Sweat Not Sweet

There is nothing sweet about sweat smells.  Our body’s natural production of perspiration is necessary to keep us cool.  The trouble comes when the perspiration connects with the bacteria that naturally exists on our skin’s surface.  So the problem isn’t the sweat itself, it’s the bacteria, and as the sweat lingers in our clothing, that bacteria continues to consume the sweat and give off some nasty smells.

Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate uses powerful, yet natural ingredients that stop that odour causing bacteria in it’s tracks.  Add a little Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate in your wash and you won’t have to worry about the smell coming back.


Sweaty Sports Equipment

For anyone who has ever played sports, or had kids who have played sports, you know how nasty sweat smells can linger and drive you crazy.

Another great test for one of our Founders with Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate was with his neighbour’s kid’s hockey gear. It has been awhile since his kids played sports, but he does remember the ‘funk’ every time they left the rink, or opened their bag after leaving it till the next game. “We really wish we had Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate when our kids were playing” he often says. Fortunately for his neighbours though, it is available now, because there is nothing better to get sweat smells out of sports equipment and clothing.

Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate has been a bit of a life saver for his neighbours. Their kids not only play hockey, they play soccer and lacrosse as well. What makes the odour eliminator so powerful is that it gets to the root of the odour causing bacteria. Other odour eliminators simply mask the smells, or remove the smells from the air, but they do not stop the production of the odours.

Spraying Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate directly on the pads, gloves, helmets, skates, shoes and more stops the sweat smells immediately. When washing clothing, we find that spraying them before throwing them in to the wash is not only an effective way to stop the sweat smells, but to also remove stains.

Needless to say, our Founders have some pretty happy neighbours.

Be sure to try it on your tough odours.