Urine Smells


At Xtreme Eco, we are definitely animal lovers. Many of our Team are dog owners, while others are more cat people, with a few of us loving cats so much that it is not unusual to find more than one in a household.  A common complaint though, is the repulsive smells that can fester in the litter box area, and in some cases, on doors, furniture and carpets.  Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate can help with that!

Cat urine is very similar to the urine from other animals, yet it’s concentration of urea, uric acid, creatine and sodium chloride, amongst other elements makes it considerably more evident.  It becomes even more distinct when it is left unnoticed and sits around for awhile,  particularly when the cats mark outside their territory, like carpets and furniture.


Ammonia Smells

The ammonia smell comes from the bacteria that breaks down the urea.  That ammonia smell then turns into an odour that is very similar to skunk smells.  It is this bacterial activity that we focus the Xtreme Odor Eliminator Concentrate on.  By accelerating the activity of the non-odour causing bacteria and rendering the odour causing bacteria dormant, Xtreme Odour Eliminator Concentrate not only eliminates the ammonia and skunk smells, but also enables the continuing breakdown of the waste and the elimination of stains.