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What is a Multi Sprayer?

An Xtreme Eco Multi Sprayer is a proprietary cleaning system that allows you to switch from one cleaning solution to another with just one sprayer.

Imagine only having to carry one sprayer and four small cartridges to clean your entire home, recreational vehicle, cottage, apartment or boat?

Made entirely in Canada, this revolutionary cleaning system is so durable and portable that you can take it anywhere, easily and conveniently.

Simply fill the reservoir with water from the tap and insert one of four powerful cleaning concentrates. Easily switch from one concentrate to another in seconds.

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Powerful Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Currently four, with more in development, the Xtreme Eco Cleaning Concentrates were originally formulated for industrial applications in the Food Service, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Landfill
and Wastewater Management, and Hospitality sectors. 

They were created as an extremely effective and eco-friendly alternative to the highly toxic and environmentally damaging solutions that were being used in those industrial sectors. 

Now with Xtreme Eco, these eco-friendly cleaning concentrates are available for home use with one of the most revolutionary and sustainable cleaning systems ever produced.

We know how hard it is to find ‘green’ solutions that actually work.  Now with Xtreme Eco, you can get ‘green’ solutions that not only work, but work better than mainstream products… a much lower cost. Win/Win.


Originally Formulated for Industrial Applications

Each Xtreme Eco concentrate was originally formulated to solve heavy duty problems in Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Food Services, and Landfill and Wastewater Management.

Developed as powerful alternatives to toxic applications, each concentrate has undergone years of testing and refinement.

And now, these powerful and sustainable cleaning concentrates are available to you.

For less than HALF the COST of mainstream cleaners, you get more POWERFUL solutions with greater SUSTAINABILITY

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Eliminate Clutter

Just think about how much space you can free up by switching to Xtreme Eco. With just four 2 oz (60 ml) Xtreme Eco concentrates, you can replace dozens of mainstream cleaners.

One 2 oz (60 ml) Xtreme Eco concentrate is equivalent to a 26 oz (760 ml) bottle.

The Xtreme Eco Concentrates are so versatile and powerful that they solve hundreds of your daily cleaning problems. The Multi-Purpose Cleaner has the ability to clean everything from grease to rust while the Scale and Scum Remover easily removes soap scum, calcium buildup and more. The odour eliminator is the best for cleaning skunk odours off of pets. The glass cleaner …. So imagine what cleaning problems you can solve with these powerful concentrates.

Pretty sure you have an almost full bottle of a mainstream cleaner that you purchased to handle one job…..and it sits there for years.

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Sustainability, Sustainability, Sustainability

  • Reduce Plastics

    The Xtreme Eco Multi Sprayer is a durable, long lasting sprayer that will allow you to use repeatedly, enabling you to eliminate hundreds of mainstream spray bottles from the landfill. Over 90% reduction in plastic waste.

  • Eliminate Toxic Cleaners

    No more toxic chemicals going down the drain and into our earth. All Xtreme Eco concentrates are made from organic ingredients made in accordance to the NOSB (National Organic Standards Board) guidelines.

  • Reduce the Carbon Footprint

    Shipping, warehousing and manufacturing mainstream cleaners creates a substantial impact on our environment. At 1/10th the size and doing 10x the work, using Xtreme Eco concentrates significantly reduces the impact it takes to get the product to you.

So Easy to Use

Step 1

Fill reservoir with water

Step 2

Replace cap with the connector

Step 3

Open the sprayer

Step 4

Insert and lock in place

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The most powerful, sustainable and portable
cleaning system around

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