A Better Way to Operate

Professional Home Cleaners, Property Managers, Restaurants

A Competitive Edge

Your customers want the best clean possible.  And many want, or need, the solutions you use to be non toxic and perfume free.

Xtreme Eco delivers organic concentrates that not only clean better, but it also makes life so much easier for the residents.  A definite advantage when competing for contracts.

Easier to Clean

With over 100 types of cleaning problems solved using only 4 (four) concentrates, there’s a solution always at your fingertips.

Add to that, you don’t have to carry tons of cleaners around with you.

Lower Costs, Greater Profits

When $75 of Xtreme Eco cleaners is equal to $175 of mainstream cleaners, you’re saving money and making money at the same time.

Revolutionary Multi Sprayer

The most powerful, sustainable and portable cleaning system around